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Drøn - Comm
( Christoph Abert, Frederik Dahlke, and Ingo Zobel )

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After a mere handful of striking releases on the Elektrolux, the enigmatic music of German trio Drøn finds a home on Carpe Sonum. Comm recalls nothing less than the electrifying, halcyon days of the 90s, where were birthed the kind of mutant IDM/electro hybrids that Drøn spin ever-so-compellingly. In a studio housing a cat's cradle of more than 250 synth modules, they 'conceptualize' without actually devising a concept; for them, the font of sonic creation resides in a "dynamic process that is very mood-dependent, where nothing is planned beforehand, and ideas are allowed to process naturally and flow freely." After considering numerous iterations, the trio insist that Comm's end result, and it’s attendant ‘concept’, “emerges on its own” and with an identity forged from the effort “not to copy ourselves, which ensures that every album is different from the one before.” A teeming microverse of simmering percussive patterns, randy oscillators, and hugely inventive modular synth acrobatics, Comm might well be the finest yet from a trio of unsung innovators carrying the torch of a bygone era well into the future.

1. Crosslink (4:28) 2. Flang (4:18) 3. Alph (4:05) 4. Modula (4:21) 5. Robotik (3:05)
Rolling Hills (9:07) 7. Sdace Cerew (3:44) 8. Scramble (5:38) 9. Sternengleiter (6:29)
10. Deep Storage (4:44) 11. Terminal (4:39) 12. Intercom Meeting (4:02)
13. Radiant Haze (5:03) 14. Observer (6:31)

The triumphant return of Drøn.


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