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Thomas P. Heckmann - The Lost Tales Vol. III
(Thomas P. Heckmann)

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Continues the series which began on the legendary FAX +49-69/450464 label...Between 1991 and 2013, Thomas P. Heckmann produced and recorded several hundred tracks, released countless singles and CDs and made his name in Techno / Electro / Minimal / Industrial / EBM / Ambient / Acid and so on. These are tracks that, for whatever reason, were never released, but were favorites of Heckmann and those around him. These tracks show the other side of Thomas where his influences are the 60s and obscure music, a side which has not been heard since the mid 90s via his Drax project. So take a seat, dim the lights, get a fancy drink and listen openly to the little gems and analogue escapades from the man and his instruments!

1. The Definition of Taking a Step Into Another Dimension (10:02) 2. Between (6:31)
3. The Path of Most Resistance (9:05) 4. Berlin to Dawn (7:42) 5. Suspense (3:53)
. Back in the Days (6:07) 7. Devil's Kitchen (5:28) 8. Ode to a Friend (9:53)
. Filtered Visions (7:09) 10. Glaspalast (3:14

A valuable collection of unique electronic music.


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