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Die Welt ist Klang: A Tribute to Pete Namlook
(Various Artists)

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Q: How do you pay tribute to a musical legend?

A: With music!

Peter Kuhlmann, aka Pete Namlook, founder of the FAX +49-69/450464 label, passed away unexpectedly in 2012, leaving behind an incredible catalog of hundreds of releases, composed by himself and/or collaborators from around the world, full of electronic music like no one had ever heard before. Namlook's passing is a great loss to the entire electronic music community and we are producing a tribute compilation worthy of recognizing the tremendous impact he had on the world of electronic music.

The result is Die Welt ist Klang, consisting of 4 CDs of tracks from FAX +49-69/450464 artists, plus 4 CDs of tracks from fans, all housed in a handsome wooden box. Many of these tracks were written especially for this compilation, some are lost tracks which have never seen the light of day, while some have been previously released. Such a tribute compilation for one artist is unprecedented and will remain a testament to how much he meant to artists and fans alike.

All proceeds from the sales of Die Welt ist Klang will go to the family of Peter Kuhlmann

Over 100 artists pay tribute to one of electronic music's greatest pioneers.

Disc 1 : "The World is Sound"

  1. Bill Laswell & Bernie Worrell - By a River (for Peter)
    (unreleased, written for this compilation)
    Written by Bill Laswell and Bernie Worrell
    Bill Laswell: fretless bass and electronics
    Bernie Worrell: electric piano
    Created at Orange Music, Orange NJ
    Robert Musso: Engineer
    James Dellatacoma: 2nd Engineer

  2. David Moufang - Regentropfen (Variation 01)
    Written by David Moufang

  3. Eraldo Bernocchi - She Came Dancing Across the Water
    (unreleased, written for this compilation)
    Composed, produced and mixed by Eraldo Bernocchi
    at The Place, Italy
    Published by RareNoise Publishing

  4. Dr. Atmo & Miss Silencio - Floyd (Pink Mix)
    Written by Dr. Atmo and Miss Silencio

  5. Steve Stoll - Praxis XIII
    From the album Praxis on Psychonavigation Records.
    (Used by kind permission of Psychonavigation Records.)
    Programmed and sequenced by Steve Stoll
    Recorded at The Den, Fort Wayne, IN

  6. Opaque/Daniel Pemberton - Opaque 10
    Written and recorded by Daniel Pemberton 1996-1997
    in his bedroom. You know the one.
    Taken from the unreleased album Opaque.
    Published by Moncur Street Music.

  7. Blaine L. Reininger - Public Transformation
    Written by Blaine L. Reininger

  8. Daimon Beail & Autistici - Saving a Space (for Wherever You Are)
    (unreleased, written for this compilation)
    Written by Daimon Beail and David Newman

  9. Ishqamatics - Universal Cubensis Afterglide
    Written by Lee Anthony Norris and Matt Hillier

  10. F.U.S.E. - Carocell
    Composed by Richie Hawtin
    Produced by Richie Hawtin
    Published by Minus Inc. (Budde Music)
    ℗ 1994 Plus 8 Records Ltd.
    (...around the time Richie worked with Namlook on From Within)

  11. Spacetime Continuum - Subway (1993 Outtake)
    (unreleased outtake from "Seabiscuit", originally licensed to FAX +49-69/450464.)
    Written by Jonah Sharp

Disc 2 : "The Universe is Silence"

  1. Autumn of Communion - Goodbye PK
    From the album Autumn of Communion 2 on Anodize.
    (Used by kind permission of Anodize http://www.anodizesound.com)
    Written by Lee Anthony Norris and Mick Chillage

  2. Peter Benisch - Farväl
    (unreleased, written for this compilation)
    Written by Peter Benisch

  3. Massimo Vivona - Your Angel
    Written by Massimo Vivona

  4. Material Object - Sagittarian
    (unreleased, written for this compilation)
    Written and produced by Material Object

  5. Gaudi - Lunar Patchouli
    (composed about the time Gaudi worked with Namlook on their
    collaborative album Re:sonate—Pete loved this track)
    Written and produced by Gaudi at Metatron Studio, London
    Sub Signal 2013
    © + ℗ Copyright Control (UK)

  6. Lorenzo Montanà & Pete Namlook - Secret Path
    (Unreleased track which started as a drone track written by Namlook for Labyrinth 6, and then was augmented by Lorenzo for this compilation.)
    Written by Lorenzo Montanà and Pete Namlook

  7. Krystian Shek - Love What You Do
    (unreleased, written for this compilation)
    Written by Krystian Shek
    Produced by Krystian Shek and Laila Abu-Er-Rub
    Vocal sample: Prabuddha Dasgupta, recorded by Laila in India
    Recorded at the Yellow Room (Weiterstadt, Germany)

  8. Benjamin Wild & Daniel Esswein - 41
    Written by Benjamin Wild and Daniel Esswein

  9. Fanger & Siebert - Conundrum
    Written by Thomas Fanger and Jan Siebert
    Published by Edition Kombinat/Universal Music Publishing

  10. Higher Intelligence Agency - Sky One
    (unreleased, written for this compilation)
    Written and produced by Bobby Bird

  11. Future Research Technology - Electric Universe
    Written and produced by Simon Ellis
    Published by Warner Chappell

Disc 3 - "You Are the Air"

  1. Thomas P. Heckmann - Ode to a Friend (edit)
    (Unreleased, written for Peter. Full-length version appears on The Lost Tales Vol. III on Carpe Sonum Records)
    Written and produced by Thomas P. Heckmann
    Recorded and mixed at Trope, Germany
    © + ℗ Thomas P. Heckmann 2013

  2. Biosphere - Energy to Earth
    (unreleased 1992 demo sent to Namlook in advance of working on The Fires of Ork)
    Written by Geir Jenssen

  3. Pascal FEOS - Sax on Dub
    Written and produced by Pascal FEOS at Planet Vision Studios, Frankfurt am Main.
    © + ℗ Pascal FEOS 2001

  4. Oliver Lieb - Klangschale
    Written and produced by Oliver Lieb
    Published by Edition Mooze, Admin by MBG/Ufa MV

  5. Gabriel Le Mar - Jazzy Mid-On
    Written and produced by Gabriel Le Mar

  6. Mick Chillage - The Light that Burns
    (unreleased, written for this compilation)
    Written by Mick Chillage

  7. Anthony Rother - See Beyond
    (unreleased track that Namlook liked and was planning to release on a CD of Anthony’s unreleased electro tracks)
    Written and produced by Anthony Rother
    Copyright Control

  8. XJacks - Acidbob
    Written by Martin Schopf and Victor Sol

  9. Dandy Jack and the Soul Architect - Boraz
    (unreleased track composed in 1996, around the same time Dandy Jack worked with Namlook on Amp II: Red Stripes on a White Wall)
    Written by Martin Schopf
    Voice: Katy Orthmann
    Additional mastering by Manmade Mastering.
    With love to Peter Kuhlmann and Adelaida Schopf

  10. Dag Lerner - A Wayward Angel
    Written by Dag Lerner

  11. Dr. Motte & Gabriel Le Mar - Acid Spray
    Written by Dr. Motte and Gabriel Le Mar

  12. Glitch - Kick The Habit
    Written and produced by Dan Nigrin and Bump Stadelman at Studio dB Bad, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
    Remastered from the album Out Of Sync, © + ℗ 1994 Defective Records
    Thanks to Peter Kuhlmann and the entire FAX family

Disc 4 : "Everything is Guided by Nature"

  1. Pino & Wildjamin - Some Filter for Namlook (edit)
    Written by Pino and Wildjamin

  2. Aerial Service Area - Cloud 2
    Written by Nikolaus Heyduck and Victor Sol

  3. Ludwig Rehberg - Pink Pearl
    (Unreleased track which Ludwig composed for Namlook, similar in style to a track he made for Pink Floyd, hence the title.)
    Written by Ludwig Rehberg

  4. Spyra - Sodbrennen
    (unreleased track from Virtual Vices VII, which was to be released on FAX +49-69/450464)
    Written by Wolfram Spyra

  5. Hane - Dazwischen
    Instant composition by Hane (Martina Schadt, Hüseyin Aslan, Necmi Erkardas & Lars Müller), taken from the album Spuren, 2009.

  6. Gate Zero - The Ache (featuring LaMeduza)
    (unreleased, mastered by Namlook and his favorite track from Gate Zero’s End of Days which was to be released on FAX +49-69/450464, and will be released on Carpe Sonum Records soon)
    Written by Stefan Biermann and Krizia Bassanini

  7. Burhan Öçal - Seyh’in Rüyasi (The Sheik’s Dream)
    Written by Burhan Öçal

  8. Bardo Thodol - Sarasvati
    Written by Carlos Vivanco and Alex Eisenring

  9. Nikolaus Heyduck - Lago Largo
    Composed by Nikolaus Heyduck

  10. Victor Sol - Gong 1
    Written by Victor Sol

  11. Oskar Sala - Anwendung elektronischer Musik für den Film von Oskar Sala
    Written by Oskar Sala
    Used by kind permission of Dr. Wilhelm Füßl at The Deutsches Museum.

  12. Robert Musso - A Compilation for Pete (The Best of Transonic)
    Written by Robert Musso
    Publisher: MuWorks/Modern Works Music Publishing/BMI
    Poetry by Umar Bin Hassan

  13. Move D - Regentropfen (reprise)
    Written by David Moufang

Disc 5 : "Ambient is About the Journey"

  1. Jacob Newman & Devin Underwood - Day Stretch
    Written by Jacob Newman and Devin Underwood

  2. Bubble - Ashes
    Written by John Sobocan

  3. Veil of Alchemy - Sea of Transcendence (edit)
    Composed, recorded, and produced by Nelson Basden

  4. Bing Satellites - Caterpillar Dance
    Written by Brin Coleman

  5. Illuminum - Principles of Life
    Written by Alen Šimunic

  6. mamonu - So Long and Thanks for All the Chill
    Written by Theodore Manassis

  7. ecoutez - just in a….
    Composed by Calvin Sheppard, Tarik Ech-Charif, and Andy Green
    Produced by Calvin Sheppard and Andy Green
    Mixed by Calvin Sheppard
    Engineered by Dave Thomas

  8. Ray Rod in Sun Age - With My Octopus Friend
    Written by York Reynolds and Wolfgang Röttger

  9. Guides - Flood
    Written by Steve Seel

  10. Tha Silent Partner - Tongue
    Written by Gregory Davis

  11. Sense & Jesse Somfay - 3Songs (Forever)
    Written by Adam Raisbeck and Jesse Somfay

Disc 6 : "The Creation of Worlds Within Worlds"

  1. Commodity Place - Soils
    Written by Massimiliano Loretucci and Riccardo Frosoni

  2. Jason Hissong - Coreshine
    Written by Jason Hissong

  3. Drøn - Polarwind
    Written by Frederik Dahlke, Ingo Zobel, and Christoph Abert

  4. Mark T. Warren - Spin Cycle
    Written by Mark T. Warren

  5. Within Reason - Bardo Dub
    Written by Gregory Kyryluk

  6. Steve Hanlon - Freefloating
    Written by Steve Hanlon

  7. VAAST - Syzygy
    Written by Matthew McGuinness

  8. Mia Rischmann - Travels
    Written by Mia Rischmann

  9. Michael and Spider - Dreamcatcher
    Written by Michael Ely and Spider Taylor

  10. Ben Zonneveld - Liberation Through Hearing
    Written by Ben Zonneveld

  11. Tom Roberts - 081112 (Departure)
    Written by Tom Roberts

Disc 7 : "From Within Our Mind to Yours"

  1. Ultraviolet - Sleeps in Elysium
    Written by Pete Dunlop and Russell Beeston

  2. Si Matthews - Sync Polarity
    Written by Simon Matthews

  3. Gianni Parrini & Twoplusone - Music Hypnotizes (Twoplusone & Gianni Parrini 3 Hands Rework)
    Performed by Ricky C, DJLume, Mauri L and Ricky Rinaldi

  4. Luis Duran & Thomas Penton - Passage
    Written by Luis Duran and Thomas Penton

  5. Suit & Tie Guy - The Bilderberg Gate
    Written and produced by Suit & Tie Guy, Chillicothe, IL
    Used with permission from STG Soundlabs (stgsoundlabs.com and suitandtieguy.com)

  6. Johan Agebjörn - Ambient Robot Dance
    Written, performed and produced by Johan Agebjörn

  7. Sven Kössler - Back to Living
    Written by Sven Kössler

  8. Interconnected - Day 1
    Written by Bakis Sirros and Ingo Zobel

  9. Autumus - Close to You
    Written by Nick Wolfe

  10. Michael Brückner - Agens (Disciplined Mix Short Edit)
    Written by Michael Brückner

Disc 8 : "Thank You All For Listening to Our Music"

  1. Aqob - Le soleil a ton cœur
    Written by Tiago Henriques

  2. Mass Roman - Everyone Has It Now
    Written by John Roman

  3. Eric “the” Taylor/Jerry Marotta - Rolled Over
    Written by Eric Taylor and Jerry Marotta

  4. Ceder - Moog Model D aC (Live Take #6)
    Composed and produced by Jesper Cederholm

  5. Spinnet - Galene
    Written by Vasilis Kesalidis

  6. One Arc Degree - Rune
    Written by Ioannis Konstantios and Vasilis Kesalidis

  7. Terra Ambient - Unfertig ohne Sie
    Written by Jeff Kowal

  8. Metasonica - Eternal Return
    Written by Zenon Marko and Boris Berlin

  9. The Garwin Project - Solar
    Written by Peter Waring

  10. Boreal Taiga & 3Music - Piap-Pai
    Vocals and sound effects by 3Music aka Viktoriya Natoloka

  11. James Lewin - Drone 05
    Written by James Lewin

  12. stormloop - snowdrift (edit)
    Written by Kevin Spence


℗ + © 2013 Carpe Sonum Records